Hide the Pain Harold is the internet meme personality of Andras Arato. Andras, the man behind the meme, is a retired Hungarian lighting engineer whose stock photos first went viral in 2012. The stock photos were turned into memes which became a well-recognized on Facebook, Instagram, 9gag and various social media platforms. Since then, Hide the Pain Harold’s audience has grown to over 300,000 followers on all platforms combined. With videos and posts reaching millions, Harold has established a loyal following from nearly every country in the world. Hide the Pain Harold got his name from fans that noticed that his smile seemed forced, implying that he was not as happy as he seemed. Fans suggested that there was pain being hidden by a smile. Andras Arato has recently embraced his popularity as a meme. Now, he wants to show others how they can live happily too, by smiling and hiding the pain.